FAQ- How do those professional house buyers in Cincinnati work??

Need To Sell Your Cincinnati House Fast?

We buy houses in ANY CONDITION! We pay CASH and you will not pay any commissions, agents, or fees. Put your address and email below and answer just a few more easy questions on the next page to get a cash offer!

My house is hideous. Will you still buy it?

Yes! We buy houses in all shapes and sizes (and they do NOT have to be pretty) in and around Cincinnati Ohio.



What’s the catch?

There really isn’t a catch. Selling your house to us is an alternative to selling your house through the long process of selling your house through a real estate agent. It’s an option they don’t want you to know about!



Is this legal?

Yes! We are the House Buyer King, the professional house buyers in Cincinnati, Ohio. We pay all of the closing costs, saving YOU money!



How does selling my house to you compare financially to selling through a Realtor?

When you sell your house through a Realtor they charge around 6% of the selling cost for their fees. And then there is the $3000-$5000 you might have to pay in closing costs once the property sells. But, before all that you need to get it ready to sell if you choose a Realtor.
Getting your house ready means making every room and closet decent enough to have the public come in and snope around your house. This might be neighbors, friends, or even complete strangers. This means cleaning, getting rid or putting stuff into storage, fixing repairs and making your house look pleasing. This may take you months if you have the time and skills to clean and fix up your house. It could cost thousands or even tens of thousands to get these things done if you need to hire someone. You pay those thousands of dollars before you sell your house, and it isn’t guaranteed it will sell! You house could sit on the market for months and months without even getting an offer.

Or..you could sell your house to us. We do usually offer you a bit lower price, (we do this in order to resell it to an investor, or a new home owner) the amount depends on the location, condition of the house, and the current housing market. But with us you pay nothing upfront to fix up your house, you don’t pay any Realtor, closing, or attorney fees. You don’t have to spend money or your time to fix up your house, and we close on a date of YOUR choice.


Bottom line:

Selling through a Realtor:

lots of fees, have to pay upfront cost for house fixes, and lots of time and hassle. Random people looking around your house, opening up your medicine cabinet and looking in your dressers.

Selling to us:

An fair offer without hassle, fees, or fixing and we can close in just a few weeks on a date you pick.


I need to sell my house but I don’t know which way of selling is best for me. What do I do?

Give Us A Call Now At: Call 513-601-9876

Call us to talk about your situation and to receive a free, no obligation, no strings attached quote. You can call a Realtor and see what they estimate costs will be to get your house ready to sell, what the average house sells for in your area, an and estimate of what you might sell your house for. Then once you have all the information, the decision is up to you!



What areas do you buy houses in?

We are native to southwest Ohio so we buy houses in the greater Cincinnati and Dayton areas. Not sure if your house is in our area? Give Us A Call Now At: Call 513-601-9876  so we can check it out.



Why are you better than other companies?

We are better because we are native to the Dayton and Cincinnati area so we know the area. We are a family oriented company and we want to help you! We have several years of experience but are still small to handle each case individually and with the attention it needs.
I inherited a house from a family member. I am going though a divorce and am mandated to sell my house. I got a new job and need to relocate soon. I’m behind on bills and need to sell my house fast to pay off my debts. I’m taking care of my mother/father/ family member who can no longer live alone and need to deal with their house.

Can you help me sell this house?

Yes! We would love to help you! Pretty, hideous, big, small, full of stuff, or empty, we buy it all. Give Us A Call Now At: Call 513-601-9876  so we can talk!

Any other question you might have that is not listed here call us at

Give Us A Call Now At: Call 513-601-9876