What Happens When an Investor Doesn’t Want Your Property?

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So you are trying to sell your house that you don’t want, you already contacted a bunch of different investors in Cincinnati.  They all say they will contact you soon.  They never do…..


What do you do with your unwanted house now that an investor doesn’t want it?


Sometimes a house is in a bad area from an investment stand point.  Some places are such bad investments that even if you have a million dollar house in a bad area, it would only be worth $10,000.  Those places are very bad for a seller, and for an investor.  The seller can’t sell what they think the house is worth, and the investor can’t make any money on reselling it, or sometimes can’t even make any money on renting it either.  Your property might be so far away it will be out of the investor’s area.  A house might be too bad of condition for someone to purchase it also.


That’s all well and great, but how do I get rid of this house in Cincinnati that I don’t want?


Just because another investor might not give you the respect you deserve to at least tell you they are not interested doesn’t mean that is how we operate here at WePurchaseAllProperties.com

In the off chance that we are not interested in your property, then we will tell you.  We treat everyone with utmost respect.

If another investor said that they are not interested in your house because it is outside of their area, like (Mt. Orab, Winchester, Sardinia, Williamsburg, Bethel, or Batavia Ohio) you should always give us a try.  We do buy houses far away from Cincinnati, Ohio.  If its within an hour of Cincinnati then we are interested in buying your house.


If another investor said that it is too run down for them to buy, then contact us.  Sometimes we will buy the house just for the land under it.  Don’t be afraid to ask us to buy your house!


You can fill out the form to contact us here or just give us a call at 513-601-9876.

We really do want to buy your property

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